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Detailed below is an agreement between and the user.

“The user” is anyone who establishes a connection to the World Wide Web site, which is owned and controlled by world spice organization. reserves the right to change any provisions in this agreement.

User activities and Information on the site:

        1. The user will use the site and any content, material, or information found on the Site solely for lawful purposes.

        2. The user is responsible for the content (for example: comments posted) or information that the user makes 

            available through the site.

        3. Members of the world spice organization enjoy exclusive privileges: a. Access to exclusive content on the

            website.  b. Permission to post articles and reports, visible to all members. c. Permission to comment on

            posts made by  other members. Access by non-members is restricted with login passwords. Usernames

            and Passwords are  defined by the user, at the time of registration.

        4. The world spice organization reserves the right to grant/withdraw membership rights.

Fees and Payments:

       1. In addition to a one-time membership fee, members are entitled to pay an annual subscription fee. The inability

           of the user, in remitting the same would result in the withdrawal of membership benefits.

       2. Membership fees (both onetime membership fee and annual subscription charges) are subject to change.

User Privacy

         Please review our privacy policy.

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