IIPM Capacity Building Programme


The Indian agricultural sector is rich with the contributions by spices and diverse agro climatic conditions prevailing in different parts of the country offer an enormous scope for cultivation of a wide variety of spices. Globalization and Liberalization has paved way for the rapid boost in the spice industry. This has always served as a source of livelihood and employment for a majority of the country’s population, especially for those at the rural set up. Entrepreneurs around the globe are still exploring the opportunities in this area. The Legislative bodies have undertaken several strategies for the betterment of the spice industry. The industry remains an unexploited arena in career and job placement with endless opportunities for the younger generation. The hub of opportunities extends through the branches of engineering, science, management and a lot more.


In view of this, World Spice Organization has made a proposed to the Director of Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore to broaden their avenue with a view to the benefit of the spice industry. The proposal is concerning the inclusion of the training in contract farming and sustainable agriculture programme in their curriculum. The concept rooted from the problems confronted by the industry due to lack of effective interaction between the farmers and the stakeholders. Such concerted efforts can be brought in by the agricultural institutions and thus they can employ their initiatives right from the farm.


Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore is an exclusive sectoral school of management based on a new model intensive institute-industry interaction in Asia. WSO is delighted to join hands with such renowned institution to shape up the next generation of Agricultural Entrepreneurs.

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